Monday, October 26, 2009

CV Singh writes about Medicinal usage of common fruits

C V Singh is a researcher and have great interests in writing in research journals as well as on few sites on the net. Purpose of writing on net is to help people to know about the scientific ways to cultivate agricultural crops commercially. You are requested to test your knowledge before and after visiting his hubs by appearing in a quiz organized at the hub. You'll find few  health related hubs focusing mainly on fruits and vegetables. He likes his friends very much and believe in healthy friendship.
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Some of his quality hubs:

Mango: Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits

Tap Water vs Bottled Water: Some Facts

Dry fruits: medicinal uses and health benefits

His newest article on hubpages:

Green Tea: Health benefits, side effects, precautions

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  1. A new article about benefits of green tea is added by CV Singh in hubpages and that is linked here as update.
    Jyoti Kothari