Thursday, November 5, 2009

Barin Mehta writes hubs with nickname Healwell51

 Barin Mehta is  an Indian, one can say Asian too.

He is  a language student and literature person. he has done his post graduation in language and literature. he has started his working carrier as a lecturer and after eight years he joined to work in encyclopedia of Gujarati literature as entry writer. After one and half year he got new job as a writer in Center for Environment Education. Till the date he is working there as a senior writer.

One of his novel published in 1977.  But basically he is a poet and his poetry collection was published in 1987 by well known Kavilok Trust, titled 'ARISAGHAR' (The Mirror-house).

Barin Mehta (Healwell51) on HubPages

Some of his quality hubs:


Want to regain Memory Lost?

Make Yourself Aware: Basics of Palmistry

Jyoti Kothari 

Jyoti Kothari  is an author and hubber who writes about Gems and Jewelry, India, Economy, Finance, Management, Skills, Job, Employment, Food, Environment, Jainism and on many other topics.
He is proprietor, Vardhaman Gems, Jaipur, representing centuries old tradition of Excellence in Gems and Jewelry.



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