Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sourabh, Soni and guidebaba published new hubs

We wanted to let you know that Directsaurabh has just published a new Hub.
Why Squidoo and not Hubpages
“For those persons who are new to Hub pages or Xomba or blogs and want to earn money by writing they need to have Google ad sense account. But reality is that Google has tighten their terms for adsense and they...”

We wanted to let you know that Soni2006 has just published a new Hub.
Why should I use a VoIP phone when I have a traditional phone available?
“You must be thinking that if voice calling can be done using a simple standard telephone why should I use VoIP phones. The answer to this is simple. It is because VoIP phones save people's money because...”
We wanted to let you know that Guidebaba has just published a new Hub.
Soldering Tools
“Soldering tools are of different types – soldering iron, soldering station, de-soldering tool, de-soldering station, soldering pencil, hot air system, hot air pencil, SMD rework system, BGA rework system, SMT...”
Jyoti Kothari 

Jyoti Kothari  is an author and hubber who writes about Gems and Jewelry, India, Economy, Finance, Management, Skills, Job, Employment, Food, Environment, Jainism and on many other topics.
He is proprietor, Vardhaman Gems, Jaipur, representing centuries old tradition of Excellence in Gems and Jewelry.


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